Refael Taasa

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Having grown up in Israel and now having lived here in New York City for over 14 years, I am honored to be considered a friend by many, from building Supers to prestigious business owners. I have worked hard to maintain a reputation of being someone to trust, confide in and share the joys and troubles of life with. Some people call me Raffi and others Ralph. It doesn't matter. My attention is best spent on knowing who THEY are, and how I can help. Having a lifelong love affair with New York City, I have lived and worked in many neighborhoods. I have been educated and gained work experience in a varietyof fields, from agriculture to diamond cutting. In the end, my true passion for business and real estate won out. After 13 years of building a successful Real Estate career, I am proud to be helping buildthe Ready Group as the Sales Manager. We have taken the Re/Max Gotham City office andmade it a dynamic NYC Real Estate Company - the READY GROUP - totally positioned to best assist clients with all their Real Estate needs. From managing buildings to setting up andrenting furnished apartments, my expertise and experience is helping to create a solid foundation built on reputation, trust and results. Most of all I take great pride and satisfaction in helping clients with their diverseReal Estate needs. Being a "people-person," I realize the importance of matching theright client to the right apartment AND the right Landlord. I help build relationships. There is more to meet the eye than just what is on an application. Knowing the subtle differences between the neighborhoods and even among the buildings, I am able to bothfind the right client for the property AND find the right property for the client. Each client has a key feature they find to be the most critical, be it price, location,size or sunlight. Each client also has a mulitfaceted background and set of needs. My experience and understanding focuses on being able to listen and then offer the best Real Estate solutions to my clients. Going the extra mile is something I do every day to provideexceptional service to my clients. My limited time outside of working on Real Estate is spent with my family where we enjoy entertaining, tennis, golfing, and water sports.

Ofir Malka

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Born and raised in Israel, I moved to NYC in 2004 eager to explore this magnificent Metropolis. With a love of traveling and a passion for learning about different cultures, I also spent time traveling to South America. I enjoyed being immersed in a different culture and learning first hand about different religions. In Israel I studied Social Sciences. I have been eager to use my skills. My experiences have been a possitive asset for me in working with people of varied backgrounds. Being able to communicate with people who are unable to speak our language and are in need of finding a place to live in this wonderful and complex city is a worthwhile challenge. I have great pride and joy in being able to help people finding their special home in NYC.

Idit Nemet

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Idit Nemet brings a world of international, interpersonal and investment expertise to her real estate career. A knowledgeable, well-rounded sales professional with The Ready Group, she possesses unmatched experience to successfully guide buyers and sellers toward reaching their ultimate real estate goals. Originally from Israel, Idit owns homes in New York City, overseas, as well as in Beverly Hills, where she lived before moving to her dream home . . . Manhattan. She feels that investing in real estate, whether it be here in the city, throughout the U.S. or even internationally, is among the smartest decisions a person can make, and she’s there to assist her clientele through every step of the process. Adding to her strengths is her flair for interior design, which Idit effectively utilizes when helping customers envision potential space. Plus, she’s armed with a solid background that includes business, marketing and customer service. A former public relations executive for a computer manufacturing company and highly traveled international special events/convention planner, Idit is well equipped to deal with people and situations of all kinds, achieving the most satisfactory results possible for those she represents.