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We're truly one of a kind. No one else offers you our type of service. Our primary goal is to help you quickly and easily find the best properties that have the potential to meet your particular needs. We have access to almost every property that offers fully furnished accommodations and short-term leases. This puts us in a unique position to assist you in your search. Our system analyzes your request and matches it to potential suppliers, saving you time and trouble. With our help, you'll always have multiple choices from our wide verity of apartments. And with dozens of landlords competing for your business, you'll be assured of the best possible value.

We have the most useful sources of information on all types of short-term accommodations. Our list of resources includes everything from smaller, more "ordinary" type properties, to the finest high-end luxury apartment complexes, and just about everything in between. The smaller properties seem to appeal to those who are more budget conscious, as well as those who prefer the low-key feel of a smaller and quieter type residence. Others prefer the amenities and conveniences that typically come with a larger property, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, conference rooms, etc. We're constantly searching the market for inventory, carefully handpicking our units for quality and value. Most are in prime locations covering all the most popular areas & neighborhoods. We offer, by far, the broadest choice of high quality short-term housing solutions you'll find in the area.

What is this furnished short term/ sublease mean?

A furnished rental is any property that is furnished and is for rent. Most furnished rentals are apartments or houses that are rented to people looking for short-term accommodations. Some people might rent them for a vacation, some people might be traveling on business, and others might be relocating and in need of somewhere to live until they buy a house.

If you have any questions or concerns that you feel haven't been addressed by our team, you can easily reach us 24/7, and we will respond promptly.

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